Gascony and The Basque Country share, apart from geographical proximity, an infinity of common cultural traits. Music is one of them.
In this way one can say that the branles, gavottes, jauzis, segidas, polkas, rondeus, mutchikoak and waltzes interpreted in such an intimate way are one expression of two peoples with different ways to comunícate and whose relationship is not widely known to the public. Versions of the same tunes are played differently, with different instruments, in a different language and with different dance steps; but the spirit is the same.
Xarnege's music is traditional; rich in ancient timbre and is difficult to define. With this music one can dance and sing as our ancestors did.
The audiences respond enthusiastically to the Basques' and Gascons' intense musical relationship. Xarnege's aim in concert is to musically rediscover the common roots of both peoples.